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Meet The Team

Gary Barnett

Owner/Manager - Customer Support

Gary Barnett has been designing and building websites for over 15 years.  He is the founder and principal at Stylex Media Design Inc.

In 2007 Grey Media Hosting (a division of Stylex Media) was founded, as a more efficient way to service their clients hosting needs. Starting as a small company with just a handful of clients, Grey Media has grown into a successful enterprise with a large number of hosting clients

As well as maintaining the Grey Media servers, his duties involve consulting with clients, with respect to their hosting needs, and proving tech support.

For more information please contact:


Grey Media Hosting

Kitchener, Ontario

Ph: (226) 240-7150

Matt Emmerton

Web Security & Custom Programming

Matt Emmerton has a Honours Bachelors of Mathematics in Computer Science from the University of Waterloo.

He has over two decades of experience working in the computer industry, ranging from system design and administration, application programming, and database administration.

As today's Internet-connected systems are targets for fraud and abuse, recovering from hacks and keeping systems secure are an important part of any business.

Matt's in-depth knowledge of computer software and web technologies make him a valuable addition to the Grey Media Hosting team.